Groupe ADP is using its unique geographic location to pursue a strategy of expanding capacity and improving service quality while also growing its retail activities and real estate interests.

Almost 1,000 companies are established on the Group's airport site, providing close to 115,000 direct jobs and over 300,000 indirect jobs. Major groups such as FedEx, Air France and Compass have relocated to our airports.

Once it had identified non-terminal real estate as one of its main strategic growth areas, Groupe ADP improved 62 ha of land and developed sqm 285,000 during ERA1 (2006-2010)1. Groupe ADP is now speeding up the development of its real estate business at its airports by expanding its asset portfolio. Real estate, which will promote and support our clients' own development, is a lever for creating value in the medium and long terms. During CRE2 (2011-2015) we have set ourselves the target of developing - either alone or in partnership – sqm 320,000 to 360,000 of buildings, of which around 75% diversified real estate2.The investment will amount to €500-560 million, of which €430-480 million diversification activities.

1 Economic Regulation Agreement
2 Non-terminal land and real estate activities, other than the provision of land, surface areas, buildings or premises for ground handling activities, storage and distribution of aircraft fuel, aircraft maintenance, air cargo activities, general and business aviation activities and public transport.