Strategic vision

Groupe ADP, the airport city world expert

Cities have always grown up at crossroads - places where travellers meet to exchange information and trade goods. City development therefore accompanied the development of means of transport: around ports in the 18th century, around railway stations in the 19th, around motorway rings and TGV railway stations in the 20th and around airports in the 21st century.

On every continent and wherever they touch down, airports, as the gateways to the countries and regions they serve, drive powerful economic development and are major sources of metropolitan urbanisation.

For airports themselves this means deep business evolution and a profound change in their economic model. Going beyond their role as infrastructure managers, they are now becoming vital economic and urban operators that are drawing an ever larger part of their income and profit from real estate and commercial business on their own property.

For the other stakeholders (the State, local communities, private businesses, residents, etc.) this is a huge opportunity to be part of and benefit from dynamic economic development that is creating wealth thanks to the area's connections and attraction and to the flows of people and goods across it.

For everyone this is also an opportunity for the stakeholders to work together to discover how to achieve robust, sustainable and environmentally friendly growth.

The airport city is a new kind of economic and urban development located where the airport meets the city - one that requires control of the former and a good understanding of the latte.

The benefits of establishing on our airport sites

Offering its clients unrivalled advantages, Groupe ADP is ideally positioned on the Île-de-France real estate market:

• we have major land reserves in zones that already have excellent infrastructure thanks to the airport and that offer real opportunities for French and international companies. Our land reserves are exceptionally well located: Groupe ADP offers unique sites to companies seeking to move their big service divisions (offices, retail outlets), warehouses, call centres or business premises close to the suburbs of Paris

• relocation to an airport gives an unparalleled competitive advantage to companies that need to be reactive and route fast and to international companies requiring easy, fast access and reliable access times to their customers, suppliers and/or subsidiaries/branches

• the Greater Paris projects will offer huge advantages to users of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget airport sites thanks to the new automated Grand Paris Express metro line whose four stations will improve access.

Groupe ADP, a leading integrated real estate business

Groupe ADP has become a leading integrated real estate business by exploiting the development potential of its airports and their closeness to Paris. The Group will therefore be pursuing its improvement and development strategy with a number of different products and setup options (from sole investor to partnerships), an aim dependent on increased commercial reactivity and an ambitious, sustainable development policy.