Our office space offering

Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Bureau-Baikal-Roissypole-Est-Paris-CDG - Copie

Baïkal, Roissypôle Est: a modern 12,900-sq.m real estate programme: flexible offices, green roofs.
Bureaux-Continental-Square-Roissypole-Est-Paris-CDG - Copie

Continental Square, Roissypôle Est:
an office complex of eight high-end buildings for 50,000 sq.m..2.

Le Dôme, Roissypôle Est:
a 39,000-sq.m office building with high-end services and modular spaces.

Bureaux-AEronef-Roissypole-Est-Paris-CDG - Copie

Aéronef, Roissypôle Est:
a 7,000-sq.m business incubator office building.
Bureaux-Altaï-Roissypole - Copie

Altaï, Roissypôle Est:
an innovative 13,250-sq.m office building.

Roissytech, Parc Roissytech:
a complex made up of nine two-storey buildings for a total of 13,500 sq.m.


Askia, Coeur d'Orly:
a 19,500-sq.m office building boasting a streamlined design located at the centre of a motorway and railway network.

Orlytech, Parc Orlytech:
property complex made up of 19 buildings totalling 29,000 sq.m at the foot of the T7 tramway.

Paris-Le Bourget


Business aviation centre:
building dedicated to business aviation offering 3,200 sq.m of luxury office space.