Becoming a supplier

The 5 steps

Becoming an ADP Group Supplier necessitates passing through the five steps described below:

1) Registering on the Purchasing Portal:
The ADP Group publishes procurement notices on a regular basis throughout the year.
The current procurement notices are available on the Procurement Portal (“Show public request for proposal” section).
It is necessary to have an account in order to respond to procurement notices. Any company can quickly create one (New Supplier? Register Now” section on the Procurement Portal)
This account enables companies to make reference according to their activities on one or more CPV codes (Common Procurement Vocabulary for procurement contracts in the European Union). The company is thus referenced and notified as soon as a new notice is published with regard to one of their activities.
Consult the Procurement Portal instructions  

2) Responding on-line to procurement notices.
In order to respond to a procurement notice, the company should connect to the Procurement Portal (“Public RFx” section) and apply for candidature by completing the company registration form and providing a Kbis extract (or equivalent) within three months.

3) Accessing the Companies Consultation File (Dossier de Consultation Entreprises - DCE) and submitting an offer.
The companies selected in the candidature phase shall be invited to read the Companies Consultation File on the Procurement Portal and to go to (“My RFQ (In progress)” Homepage or “RFx Inbox” Menu) and to submit an offer.

4) Negotiating with companies following presentation of an offer.
Following examination of the proposals submitted by the candidates, the ADP Group will be able to meet them in accordance with the conditions specified in the Companies Consultation File. The purposes of this interview with the ADP Group are to negotiate and optimize individually the offers submitted by each candidate.

5) Selecting the company(ies) which has/have been successful in consultation and making the contract.
At the end of the negotiating phase and in accordance with the analysis of the judgment criteria for offers stated in the Companies Consultation File, the ADP Group shall accept the most economically advantageous offers and make a contract with the successful candidate(s).

The ADP Group has also put qualification systems in place.

This is a pre-selection system for companies considered suitable for undertaking particular types of services. This allows the establishment of a pool, within which the ADP Group may, having carried out a call for tenders, award a contract to one of the qualification system holders. We invite you to apply for the qualification systems that may concern your activity via the Procurement Portal (“Show public request for proposal” section)

The Procurement Portal