Regulatory context

For its procurement practices, the ADP Group is subject to the provisions of Directive 2004/17 of 31 March 2004 and Ordinance No. 2005-649 of 6 June 2005 specified by the Decree No. 2005-1308 of 20 October 2005.

These documents set out the major principles on the right of access to public-sector orders, on the equal treatment of candidates and the transparency of public procurement.

For procurements exceeding thresholds*

 The ADP Group shall publish a procurement notice on the Procurement Portal and on the Official Journal of the European Union site (OJEU) site. The companies will then have a prescribed period in which to submit their candidature.
Then the ADP Group will post on the Procurement Portal, for candidates invited to submit an offer, a Companies Consultation File (Dossier de Consultation Entreprises - DCE) containing the elements required for formalizing an offer.
Thus the candidates will have a period of time in which to formalize their offer. At the end of this period they may be received by the ADP Group for negotiation. Following negotiations, the candidates whose offer has not been accepted will be notified that their offer has been rejected. At the end of the pre-contact referral process, the contract is signed with the holder and the award notice is published by the ADP Group in the Official Journal of the European Union.

For procurements below the thresholds

The ADP Group shall publish a procurement notice only on the  Procurement Portal uniquement.
The procedures for submission of candidatures and submission of offers are tailored to the nature of the services to be performed.

*The triggering thresholds for the formalized procedure (€5,186,000 tax exclusive for Works and €414,000 tax exclusive for Supplies and Services) are subject to change as a result of a Council of State Decree.  

Becoming a supplier