The Procurement Portal

The Procurement Portal (Spartacus) is a marketplace dedicated to:

• Competitive bidding.

• The publication of company consultation packages accessible only to the companies selected at the end of the candidature phase.

• The publication of the award notice.

Access the Procurement Portal
Consult the Procurement Portal instructions

Supplier Portal – Order management

The Supplier Portal is a platform for interaction between the ADP Group and its suppliers as regards management of orders and requests for offers (e-procurement).

This portal enables the exchange of information in real time and at a lower cost and ensures the traceability of the flows exchanged.

ADP Group suppliers receive on-line orders and requests for offers from ADP Group purchasers on a daily basis. They relate to contracts negotiated at an earlier date by the purchasing department.

DEB: Intrastat Declaration for Trade of Goods

Each market owner from a member country of the European Union (outside of France) must send to the ADP Group, on a monthly basis, data pertaining to the Intrastat Declaration for Trade of Goods to be produced for the French Customs Services.
This data dispatch must be sent to the following e-mail address with, in attachment, the completed standard form, accessible via this link:
Intrastat Declaration for Trade of Goods  

A reminder that the DEB regulatory framework is published by the French Customs Services on their internet site:
Consult the Customs site 

Accounting Information