Organization and segmentation of procurement

At ADP Group level, the Procurement Division is organized as a matrix system combining: 

• “Negotiation” centers : divided into four major procurement families (services, works, general procurement, airport equipment) and composed of specialist purchasers, with expertise in purchasing: sourcing, knowledge of the suppliers’ market, coordination of consultations, negotiation…

• A network of “local procurement” centers in place on the various ADP group sites and ensuring strengthened collaboration between the operational and functional units;

• A “Support and Quality” center which designs and develops the processes and tools intended for the improvement of procurement performance, for transaction security, for the satisfaction of internal clients and suppliers, and this in accordance with the regulatory framework. The Support and Quality center supports compliance with both internal and regulatory procedures. It also provides reports, the monitoring and analysis of these, as well as performance evaluation, procurement repository management and steering of transversal projects (cost optimization projects, IS procurement, communication, CSR, ISO 9001…);

• A dedicated “internal audit” unit which ensures observance of and compliance with the processes being implemented.

 Access to details of procurement families 

Sustainable Procurement