Responsible Supplier Relations Label

In March 2014, the ADP Group received the Responsible Supplier Relations Label, a distinction awarded by Inter-company Mediation (depending on the French Ministry for Industrial Renewal) and the CDAF (French companies executives and purchasers). It rewards the strategy and the deployment of sustainable development at the heart of the purchasing function and in the relationships with suppliers.

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Since February 2010, the company has been a signatory to the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter drawn up by the French Ministry for Industrial Renewal. The label is awarded for three years and is based on a repository established by the 10 commitments of the charter as well as the list of the 36 bad and abusive commercial practices contained in the Volot report  published in July 2010. The award of the label is the result of a voluntary process. The ADP Group has requested an evaluation by the Vigeo Organization which has checked the level of company compliance with the 10 articles of the charter (proper regard for the interests of suppliers, incorporation of environmental and social issues in procurement procedures, quality of relations with suppliers…).

The ADP Group has subsequently drafted a convergence plan which takes the recommendations of the evaluator into account. A joint award committee decides who will be awarded the label. Follow-up audits take place each year to enable the verification that good practices are being effectively implemented on a permanent basis by the labeled company.

A mediator is appointed within each labeled company to help in the resolution of conflicts. He/She may also be contacted by the suppliers and is a privileged contact for them within the company.

Benoît Vetter, the Audit Director, takes on the role of mediator for suppliers and sub-contractors of the ADP Group. In order to make contact with the ADP Group internal mediator, we thank you in advance for completing the form provided via the link below.

Contacting the suppliers’ mediator 

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