Sustainable Procurement

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy of the ADP Group is reflected within the Procurement Division by means of the six principal axes deployed throughout the purchasing – supply cycle: 

• Ethics along with transparency are implemented through the code of ethics, the suppliers’ CSR charter and the structured processes of purchasing and supply.

• Measurements of environmental, social impacts and energetics are incorporated with purchasing in the earlier phase of the process (systematic integration of CSR criteria during analyses of offers) and in the later phase (through social audits run by, in particular, service contracts and collection of Work Accidents from our suppliers).

• Socially responsible procurement are shared between relations with the protected labour sector and the social inclusion procedure.  

• The promotion of supplier innovation is enabled by an ADP Group innovation unit dedicated to innovative companies.

• Finally, the Division contributes to territorial cohesion through the development of partnerships with local SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and working actively to build long-term relationships with its suppliers. 

The Purchasing Department has also appointed internally a mediator to help in the resolution of conflicts. He/She may also be contacted by the suppliers and is a privileged contact for them within the company. Contact the supplier mediator

Furthermore this investment towards the “responsible purchasing” axis is recognized and appreciated externally

• We would like to point out the significant improvement in the extra-financial rating in 2016 (+4 points as compared with the previous rating, allowing level 3+ to be achieved with a score of 84/100 for the client-purchasing axis).

• And also an improvement in the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) score (integration of index in September 2015), achieving 77 points for the supply chain management axis (an increase of 15 points as compared with the score in 2014). 

• Finally, in March 2014, the Department was awarded the Responsible Supplier Relations Label.

Sustainable procurement 2014 (French text) 

Regulatory context