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The website uses cookies to improve your browsing and provide you with personalised offers.

Cookies are files containing small amounts of information which are stored on your computer in the internet browser you use (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).

These files are automatically saved by the websites you browse in order to improve your experience and remember information for your next visit. Only the website that saved the cookies is granted access to view or modify them. A website may never automatically access other files on your computer or cookies from other websites.

  • What does the Paris Aéroport website use cookies for?

    Functional cookies needed to use the website

    These cookies enable you to use the Paris Aéroport website's main functions, such as access to "My Account". By disabling cookies you will no longer have access to these functions. These cookies do not collect personal data. The information stored cannot be used for commercial gain.

    Performance cookies

    These cookies are used to show visitor statistics and user behaviour for the different components of the Paris Aéroport website (users' browsing paths, for example). Paris Aéroport can then improve the performance and user-experience of its website's services. The data analysed is completely anonymous.

    Cookies enabling content and targeted advertising

    These cookies save information from your browsing history in order to record your interests and your browsing path on the Paris Aéroport website.They then enable personalised advertising based on activity on the Paris Aéroport website, as well as on other sites with the same adverts.

    Cookies enabling sharing on social networking websites

    Paris Aéroport is likely to include applications on its website from third parties which allow you to share website content with other people on the main social networking sites. This is the case with buttons such as 'Share' or 'Like', which are part of services offered by Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • What choices do I have in how cookies are handled?

    You can choose to configure your internet browser to enable or block cookies, inform you when a cookie is sent and how long it and its content lasts. You can also refuse to store cookies on your computer, and periodically delete cookies.

    You can configure your internet browser to block all cookies. You should know, however, that if you block all cookies your user name and password will no longer be saved on any website, and you will no long have access to certain functions.

    The CNIL website (the French National Data Protection Authority) offers practical advice on these options and ways of deleting cookie files stored on your computer according to the internet browser you use:

  • How do I configure my browser to change how cookies are handled?

      Choose from the instructions below depending on which internet browser you use:

      For Microsoft Internet Explorer™ :
      - Open the 'Tools' menu in your browser
      - Click on 'Internet options'
      - Click on the 'Privacy' tab
      - Click on 'Advanced'
      - Tick 'Block automatic handling of cookies'
      - Tick 'Accept' under the headings 'First-party cookies' and 'Third-party cookies'
      - Then tick 'Always enable session cookies'
      - Click on 'OK'

      For Mozilla Firefox™ :
      - Open the 'Tools' menu in your browser
      - Click on 'Options'
      - Click on the 'Privacy' tab
      - Tick 'Allow cookies'
      - Tick 'Allow third-party cookies'
      - Click on 'OK'

      For Apple Safari™ :
      - Open the 'Preferences' menu in your browser
      - Click on the 'Security' tab
      - Tick 'Enable cookies': Always
      - Close the window

      For Google Chrome™ :
      - Open the 'Settings' menu in your browser
      - Click on the 'Advanced settings' tab
      - In the 'Cookie settings' menu, choose 'Enable all cookies'
      - Close the window

      For Opera™ :
      - Open the 'Settings' menu in your browser
      - Click on the 'Advanced settings' tab
      - In the 'Cookie settings' menu, choose 'Enable all cookies'
      - Close the window

      You can also type "cookies" in the "Help" section of your browser to access the configuration instructions.